What’s it like to be a Boarder?


A typical day for a boarder may look something like this:

7.00 Wake-up bell – it’s time to get up, showered and dressed in uniform ready for the day.

7.45 Breakfast – usually held within the school dining hall. A selection of hot and cold breakfast items.

8.30 House Assembly – Roll call (register) taken. Notice and announcements made.

8.45 Chapel – Hymns, prayers and a short address from the school chaplain.

9.00 Lessons Begin – usually 40 minutes per lesson.

11.00 Break – back to your house for a drink and snack.

11.20 Lessons continue

12.40 Lunch – held in the school dining hall. This is normally the main meal of the day and includes a variety of hot dishes, salad, baked potatoes, cold meats and dessert. Some schools will have themed lunches, such as Italian or Mexican but there will always be something for everyone.

13.15 House roll call and Activities – this could be sports, music, play rehearsals, clubs, etc…

14.00 Lessons continue.

15.20 Afternoon Tea – Hot and cold drinks served with cake.

15.30 House – Change into sports kit.

15.45 Sports – this will vary depending on the term. Winter term usually consists of football, hockey, rugby, netball, badminton, whilst during the Spring and Summer term the focus is on cricket, tennis, athletics and swimming.

17.30 House – Shower, change clothes. Roll call taken

18.00 Supper – served in the school dining hall. Again, a selection of hot and cold dishes will be made available along with dessert / fruit.

18.30 Evening Clubs/Activities – debating, choir, science society, drama, etc.

19.30 Prep in house. Homework supervised by house or assistant house parents.

21.00 Free time – Catch up with your friends, watch TV, play games.

22.00 Bedtime – Final roll call taken, everyone off to their rooms ready for bed.

22.30 Lights out – Time to go to sleep!


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