Gender:   Mixed
Age:15 - 19
Type: Boarding,
Head:  Dr Andy Kemp (Principal)

The National Mathematics and Science College
Westwood Way, Coventry,
West Midlands CV4 8JB

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Nearest Airport: Birmingham International

The National Mathematics and Science College

Westwood Way, Coventry, West Midlands
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The National Mathematics and Science College is the top specialist STEM college in the UK.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects are more important today than they have ever been.  For those students looking to excel in these areas, the specialist education we provide is designed to enable them to thrive both at A-level and beyond. 

We recognise that a high-quality specialist education must go beyond the narrow confines of the curriculum and must expose our students to the breadth and joy contained within these subject areas in an integrated way.  We are geared to help students learn how to think, not what to think, which will allow them to thrive at College, at University and beyond.  

Principal's Welcome

The National Mathematics and Science College is unique in providing a specialist STEM education to academically outstanding students from around the world as part of a small and caring community of likeminded people.

The genuine passion and excitement for Mathematics and Science is palpable around the College with students often found working on challenging problems on the university style whiteboards dotted around the corridors.

It is a place which truly needs to be seen to understand, and we look forward to welcoming you to visit us either in person or virtually in the future.

Dr Andy Kemp career has seen him teach and lead in several prestigious schools including Warwick and Taunton Schools.  Prior to taking up the role of Principal of The National Mathematics and Science College, Andy was Head of the Senior School of Wells Cathedral School and the Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School in Cambridge.

Andy has a BSc in Mathematics as well as an MSc and EdD in Mathematics Education from Warwick University, alongside his MBA from UCL.  He is a Fellow of the Fellowship of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  He is passionate about the links between the Arts and the Sciences, and the development of leadership skills in young people.


Further details about The National Mathematics and Science College:

A-level Results 

Students at The National Mathematics and Science College achieve incredible results.  We have an unbroken 100% A*/A record in Mathematics every year since we have opened.  In the summer of 2020, we achieved outstanding results with 63% of results being awarded an A* and 91% of results being awarded an A* or an A.  

University Destinations 

Students from The National Mathematics and Science College regularly go on to gain places at some of the very best universities around the world, those universities which can change the trajectory of your life.  In 2019/20 25% of our students gained places in Oxbridge with many others going on to Imperial, UCL, Manchester and Bristol, reading a range of subjects including Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Biomedical Sciences.  

Medical Pathway 

Alongside our A-level programme we have a specialist Medical Pathway which builds on the A-level programme to provide a rich programme of activities and opportunities which help ensure that our budding medics are fully prepared.  This programme includes a range of visiting speakers, lectures and visits as well as specialist mentoring and preparation for the relevant entrance papers. 

Going Beyond 

A-level success and university destinations are clearly important, but they represent only part of the success of our students.  The College is alive with enquiry; all around the College you will find whiteboards full of challenging questions.  Throughout the day, independently or in groups, you will find students working to solve these taxing problems that go beyond the A-level specification. 

Through this and the expert teaching they receive, our students go on to achieve outstanding successes in national and international competitions.  For two consecutive years our students have represented the UK in International Olympiads, and our students have enjoyed significant success in the Euclid, UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge, as well as the Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics and Linguistics Olympiads.  Students in the College regularly perform in the top 10% of all UK entries in these competitions. 

Our students achieve more Olympiad success per capita than any other school in the country. 

Boarding Facilities 

Our boarding facilities represent some of the best in the sector.  With modern single en-suite rooms and shared communal kitchens, students get to experience some of the feel of university life, whilst having the safety and support provided by our team of excellent boarding staff.  The boarding accommodation is right next to the teaching block, making it quick and easy to move between the two, meaning no time is lost travelling.  Our boarding community represents an exciting and culturally diverse community.  Our smaller size means that it has the feel of a large and caring family where everyone knows everyone else.  In addition, every student has membership to a top quality gym and swimming pool just a couple of minutes’ walk from the College.  

Pastoral Care 

Our students are supported through a joined up pastoral care programme made up of their College tutors, boarding staff, our professional College Counsellor, all ably led by our Pastoral Co-ordinator.  Alongside their academic studies our students also cover key personal areas in our specialist taught PSHE programme. 

Beyond the Classroom 

The learning at The National Mathematics and Science College never stops and extends well beyond the classroom door.  With a wide range of academic clubs and student-led societies, as well as a large number of masterclasses, trips and visits.  Learning is a practical discipline, and so both in and out of the classroom we put a high priority on giving students practical experience wherever possible.  It is through this practical work that our students really come to life.  They move from being students to scientists in their own right. 

Leadership Programme 

So that our students can make a meaningful difference in the world, and put their scientific and mathematical knowledge to use, we also prepare them with the necessary leadership skills.  This is done through two of our core programmes: the Parliamentor’s Programme, which develops debating and public speaking skills, as well as introducing them to the political systems and structures of the UK, and also the Model UN Programme.  In addition, we run a bespoke Theatre programme developed for with us by the UK’s Belgrade Theatre.  These programmes together ensure our students can, not only achieve amazing things with their Mathematics and Science, but that they can effectively communicate that understanding with others as well. 

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Age15 - 19
Type Boarding,
Bursaries Available

The National Mathematics and Science College is always open to scholarship applications from exceptional students, and will consider bursary requests from those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from the education we provide.

Dr Andy Kemp (Principal)

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The National Mathematics and Science College

Westwood Way, Coventry, West Midlands

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