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Guided by the principle “a happy student is a successful student”, Great British Guardians provide a best-in-class service to ensure students are secure and encouraged to make the most of their experience in the UK, allowing them to fulfil their full potential.


Experienced guardians who are 100 per cent invested in your child’s wellbeing

Stephen & Kathy Arnott, the directors of Great British Guardians, have been providing high-end guardianship services since 2002 and have been involved in the educational sector since their own children became full boarders in elite British independent boarding schools in the 1990’s. Our wealth of experience and the positive feedback received from parents, students and schools, is the best indicator that our services get results: happy secure children excel, both academically and socially.


A results-driven care package that motivates children to succeed

At Great British Guardians we understand the sacrifices parents make to educate their children overseas. But getting them into a good school is only the beginning. For students to truly fulfil their potential, be that winning a place in an elite senior school/university, thriving in music and the arts, becoming a champion in sports or maths, or achieving excellent exam results, they need outstanding levels of out of school care and support to guide and motivate them.

Our overriding aim is to enrich the lives and educational experience of all students in our care and to remove the associated worries and concerns for parents.


Integration is key to future success

As the “educational guardian”, we retain overall responsibility for all our students and are available 24/7 in case of emergency. Depending upon the age and needs of individual student’s, we may appoint an experienced host family with boarding school experience to accommodate them at the beginning and end of term, over exeats, half terms, holidays and in the case of an emergency (covid quarantine, illness, school suspension/expulsion).  This enables genuine relationships to develop; allowing host families to pinpoint any problems, and students to feel confident that there will always be an adult available to confide in.

All our host families are British and they or their children have also been to independent boarding schools. This makes us unique, and it ensures that our students are given the best opportunity to fully integrate into UK life and acquire the soft social skills that will help them thrive at school, university and beyond.


  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the private school system

Great British Guardians is a small and exclusive agency with an extensive network of contacts throughout the independent school sector. Stephen and Kathy pride themselves on personally knowing all their students and we take an active interest in helping them through their educational journey.

  • Our Host Families encourage excellence

Our host families are familiar with private boarding schools and understand how to reinforce effective learning. They also realise the importance of encouraging participation in extracurricular activities such as sport, music and drama. Students who are supported to pursue the many opportunities their schools offer have more to include on their university applications than those who don’t. Plus, they have greater fun and are likely to make lifelong friends!

  • We prioritise student support

We passionately believe that a child who feels valued outside the classroom will excel inside it. Our host families support the children in their care as they would their own: cheering them on in sports matches, sending good luck messages before an exam, attending concerts, hosting birthday parties and being there for them when needed.

  • We offer superior accommodation where a warm welcome is always guaranteed

Whilst many overseas students are often lonely, badly fed and bored when staying with homestays, our students spend their weekends in beautiful homes, where they are encouraged to join in with family life – from contributing to the conversation at the dinner table, to helping with the cooking and going on cultural trips.

  • Contacts within the major schools

Kathy and Stephen went to leading boarding schools as did their children and countless nephews, nieces and godchildren. We therefore have close personal associations with many of the elite schools including Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Radley, Wellington, Marlborough, Charterhouse, Downe House, Sherborne and Wycombe Abbey.

  • Regional areas of expertise

Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bristol & Avon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex (East & West) Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Wiltshire.





If you want your child’s education in the UK to exceed your expectations, please contact us.

“When selecting candidates, we take top grades as a given. What makes an applicant stand apart from others are their inter-personal skills and ability to seamlessly integrate into any given environment. This is something Great British Guardians can help to reinforce.”

Jack Yu, Director – KWM, China Business Development



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