Choosing a school


Choose a school
UK boarding schools are recognised internationally as being among the very best academic institutions anywhere in the world. Alongside the educational benefits a child can enjoy when attending a UK boarding school, a huge emphasis is placed on pastoral care, offering students all the help and support they need with day-to-day life outside the classroom, and ensuring that boarding school really is a home away from home. Some of the additional benefits of studying at a UK boarding school include:

Finding the right UK boarding school for the right young person can often be challenging in such a crowded market. But the sheer range of boarding schools out there is definitely a positive. It’s important to remember just how much choice there is out there – there are thousands of boarding schools all over the UK and internationally – so you don’t need to be confined simply to typing ‘boarding schools near me’ into a search engine.

Modern boarding is a flexible option – many boarding schools offer flexi, weekly and full boarding – so there will be a choice there to best suit you and your child’s needs.

By visiting some schools with your child you will be able to choose the one that’s right for them. All schools have arrangements for helping new boarders to settle in and, for the most part, boarders get used to their new surroundings very quickly. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, UK boarding schools are increasingly offering virtual open events, which are the ideal way to find out more about the boarding school you’re interested in.

You can find out more about open days, how to prepare for them and the most important questions to ask in our Guide to Open Days section.








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