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New online vacancies service for schools and parents

A new online service to help schools market themselves and highlight places available in key year groups has been launched.

Schoolplaces.org enables participating schools to promote general information plus have a live field where they can log in to update details on specific year group vacancies.

“We often receive calls from parents asking which schools have places for their son or daughter aged say 11 or 15, but we are unable to tell them because with more than 500 members in the UK alone we just don’t know,” said BSA Group CEO Robin Fletcher.

Schoolplaces.org is a brand new service which closes that gap, allowing schools really to target what vacancies they have at any point in time and giving parents a place to find the right school for their child.”

Information for school marketing and admission staff

What is schoolplaces.org?

An online site to promote schools with a live field for up to date information on vacancies.

Who runs it?

BSA Group

How does it work?

Participating schools have an entry with static fields such as name, logo, location, school information and then a live field to add details whenever they like.

How will it be promoted?

On the BSA website, through social media and directing parent enquiries to it.

How much does it cost?

£1495 for a 12-month subscription + VAT.

How can my school get involved?

Email: hello@schoolplaces.org

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